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I have been toying with acquiring a flow control device. I have a Lucca/Quickmill M58, Niche. I drink almost exclusively milk drinks, 6,8oz lattes, using typically medium roast espresso blends, although would like to begin trying more single origin coffees. Will flow control open up a exciting new world of espresso joy and nuance or will my milk based drinks simply mute any significant differences I hope to achieve? Thank you for any and all input!


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I'm not sure how the differences will be detectable in large milk drinks but for me adding flow control to my Izzo has been one of the best investments apart from getting a Ditting grinder.
Of course the main benefit you get from flow control is the new flavours you are able to extract from your coffee beans through long preinfusions. But you will also be able to simulate a spring lever machine by slowly closing the valve during the shot and in that way getting a declining pressure curve. All coffees will benefit from this because the puck is eroding during extraction and losing resistance.
Another great thing about flow control you will be getting even when making large milk drinks is the ability to compensate for wrong grind size. Sometimes when you dial in a new bean and grind size is too coarse your espresso will just spurt out and get very sour. With flow control in this case you can decrease flow and still get a drinkable shot. So with flow control and a good feeling for grind setting according to roast level you can make several shots from different beans on the same grinder.

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I agree with every point Marmot makes. I'll add that when I bought my Synchronika, I got FC pre installed since it only cost an extra $100. I wasn't sure I would use it. After dialing in the machine - after about 10 shots, I decided to try using the FC. I haven't pulled a shot without using it since then. I regularly use between 3 -4 different roasts and have profiled each one. Once you figure out how to use it, you will wonder how and why you waited so long. Unless it was a lever machine as Marmot adeptly explains, I wouldn't buy another machine without it.
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63isme (original poster)

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Ok, I've been convinced! Looking forward to experimenting. Now the question is Quickmill ($225) or Coffee Sensor ($165) I read somewhere that the Coffee Sensor device had issues when installed on a Quickmill machine

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Marmot wrote:I'm not sure how the differences will be detectable in large milk drinks but for me adding flow control to my Izzo has been one of the best investments apart from getting a Ditting grinder.
Do you mind sharing which Izzo you have? I have considered doing it to my Alex Duetto


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I recently added the Coffee Sensor device (purchased through 1st line) to my Alex Duetto. Easy installation & very pleased.


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I also got the coffee sensor device on my Alex Duetto. Works brilliantly with the original spring. Make sure you have a large wrench (36mm?) and use some tape or cloth to protect the chrome from scratches.

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63isme (original poster)

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I have been communicating with the gentleman at Coffee Sensor, he mentioned that his flow control works on a "standard" E 61 group head but not a "modified" group head. I am not familiar with the difference. Can any of you help me out with that?


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There are several E61 groups that have been modified by the manufacturer. The Vibiemme group is quite easy to distinguish from a classic E61 group. The Quick Mill M58 uses an absolute standard E61 group exactly like the one i have on my Izzo as far as I can tell. Did you ask the guy from coffee sensor whether it would work on your specific model?

63isme (original poster)

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I haven't gotten a specific answer to that as of yet. We were talking about a review on his Amazon site where someone with a Quickmill Vetrano I believe, that had great difficulty with the sensor, eventually getting it to work but seemingly having issues with blowing O rings on the mushroom? So the gentleman from Coffee Sensor seemed to think it is a possibility that it was a modified group head.