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Hi Marmot,
I am using it on 2019 Alex Duetto.
The different is control, not fine enough.
Let's say equally turned to a quarter turn, one produces about 3 something ml/s, another produces 8 ml/s.

I don't know whether Coffee Sensor has changed it recently or not.
I do like the swivel on Coffee Sensor's better.


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Thanks! In that case I will look out for the Profitec kit should I get a good offer.
I have enough control for the preinfusion but when I want to do a declining pressure curve the pressure will stay high until the last few millimeters of closing the valve, so i have to close it very carefully in the end.
I also wanted to swap the handle on the coffee sensor kit. I guess you can just get a screw with the same size and then attach a wooden handle of your choice or something else. It will surely help having a longer handle to better fine-tune the flow.


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Since I have two FC kit, I swap out the handle using the longer Coffee Sensor'w handle. :D the ball shape handle that comes with Profitec FC kit is not to my liking.

Duetto's brew group mounting is above the face plate, so I can spin freely.


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Yes, that's the great thing with the Duetto and the high position of the group.
I just browsed on Aliexpress and got a 40mm M5 cone bolt and a 20mm M5 to M8 conversion so I can then screw on an M8 walnut handle. I hope it works :D


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That is some serious mod, wish I am that handy :D



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It will be alot easier than installing the flow control kit. I just have to screw the parts together.
Seems like you have the same generation of Duetto like me ;)


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To be honest, installing the kit was easy, the gauge is a bit harder due to seal tape.