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I have not found any direct confirmation of someone using the coffee sensor kit on a Quick Mill but a user on this forum apparently installed the Quick Mill kit on his ECM. If this is possible then the other kit should fit a Quick Mill machine. Also mushroom spare parts for a Quick Mill group are the same as for my Izzo so I guess it should work. I wonder if that guy on amazon had a different problem and attributed it to the new kit from coffee sensor?

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That is a definite possibility since he did seem to be the only one with that complaint I really appreciate your input

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I have had a Coffee Sensor flow control device on my QM Alexia Evo for almost 2 years now and have yet to have any problems. It's only anecdata, but I haven't seen any design incompatibility that would make it not work on QM E-61 groupheads like mine.


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I think the kit from coffee sensor is the right choice since I have read complaints about the Quick Mill kit becoming hard to turn. On my kit from coffee sensor the were two handles. One was higher and you could flip the knob to the other side if clearance was a problem.


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You can get a coffee sensor kit from the espresso shop uk online shop. They ship to US and have a 27% discount but I think only today.


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Thank you for that link, I just ordered one. Best deal I have seen so far!