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#141: Post by vmpull »

Yes it is V1.1 The puck is not as dry as the one I get on my Alex Duetto but not wet either. See image below


#142: Post by Rytopa »

The soggy puck can be attributed to a number of factors. Headspace is one of the factors. Some other factors causing it is because of the unlimited parameters we can play with on the DE.

Slow preinfusion, bloom style, slow ramp up to pressure, slow ramp down, flow profiling etc etc during the shot will usually require a much finer grind setting, which increases the water holding capacity of the puck, which in turn causes the soggy puck syndrome. Infact a soggy puck usually indicates a a better extraction, as it means a well saturated puck.

The DE can produce tradition easy knock out pucks if you stick to the "tradition" extraction style. 30 secs, 9 bar, no preinfusion.

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#143: Post by sfhoo »

As long as the end result taste good, I don't think wet pick matter much. How does it taste? ;)


#144: Post by Quester »

sfhoo wrote:Did you get the v1.1? Does the shorter grouphead space help with the watery puck?
I have v1.1-my pucks are a bit watery with some profiles. When the shot is amazing, watery puck is not a bother!

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#145: Post by vmpull »

sfhoo wrote:As long as the end result taste good, I don't think wet pick matter much. How does it taste? ;)
Excellent shot. My husband (my taste tester) was able get the fruit notes he was looking for from our ethiopian Wolichi Wachu home roasted medium beans. I am playing around with the long preinfusion profile (slayer style) on the DE1Pro.

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#146: Post by sfhoo »

Thank you for the replied!! I pre-ordered the UL certified DE long time ago, then upgraded to UL listed DE+. Decent offered me the DEpro last year but I was not in the rush so waited till now.


#147: Post by ChrisAndrew »

I get soggy puck and great taste with the IMS screen. Considering trying the spacer just because is a rabbit hole. Going from Conical to MAX also.

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#148: Post by sfhoo » replying to ChrisAndrew »

lucky you with the MAX. I wish I can get one.