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fritzf wrote:Can someone comment on the grinder requirements of the DE1. I have a Baratza Vario that was rebuilt with the latest components a year ago. I just pulled the trigger on a DE1 but now I am worried that I will need a new grinder as well - can I get to know the machine using my existing Vario?

When dialing my Vario, it rarely takes me more than one "bad" shot before the next one is either just right or very close. I suppose I should say that I single dose, so there are never grounds in between the burrs when I make an adjustment. You observation is good and cogent that a dialed in Vario will hold its setting (provided you keep up with making sure the lever shims are installed), and that the lighter in roast you go, the better it becomes in relation to other grinders in the sub-$1000 class. A trusted taster that I know (conducting blind tests with a DE), was comparing Monolith Flat SSP, vs Niche, vs Forte (with ceramic Vario burrs). And the Forté bested the Niche in taste every time using super light roasts. Though it could not equal the Monolith until roasts got darker or were muddied by milk drinks.


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The DE1 has lots of quirks and foibles that arise from its design philosophy and construction. However, I don't think it is any less or more demanding of a grinder than any other capable espresso maker. If you are bothered by your vario now, you will be at least as bothered by it with the DE1, because you will see (not just taste) how the grinder interacts with your coffee making process. For example, if you switch beans and reset the grind, lack of precision will result in a change in taste that you might be able to ignore. Harder to ignore a flow graph that goes wild. That blue line is in your face and whether that bothers you is part of your personality. The DE1 will make the most of the best grinder you put ahead of it, and will reveal the flaws just as clinically.

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Maybe this should be a pimp your DE thread, but I'm pretty excited to share.

One quick trip to the body shop (well three actually), two parts painted and here's the end result.

Super easy swap with the DE. 4 screws on each side to slide the cover. 3 screws on the top of the group head and done.

I may yet have the legs painted too. Hmmm
And I may need a red vinyl skin for the tablet.
And ...
And ...
you get the idea.


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That red is pretty slick! Which DE version do you have?

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For those in the US with a DE1, was there any import fees, or did you just have to pay for shipping?

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No import fees. I just had to pay for shipping.


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Which shipping method did you choose? How long did it take to arrive?

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When I ordered mine I don't recall having multiple shipping options. What I do know is that many in the USA receive the machines within days, I've heard as little as 2 or 3 days (which sounds amazing to me).

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Thats pretty much the same for me AFAIK. There wasn't any real options for shipping. I checked the shipping status from Decent's website. Mine was shipped on 5/7 and I received it 5/9.