Filter basket stuck in portafilter

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HI all, first time here, glad to have found you!

I just got my machine and took it out of the box and gave it a try (Breville Duo-Temp Pro).

First thing I noticed was that the filter basket (54mm single wall) became stuck within the portafilter. I placed the filter basket within the portafilter, pulled a shot, then after a rinse of the portafilter under running water the filter basket was impossible to get out using just my hands. I had to turn the portafilter upside down and slide something though the hole to tap the filter basket out from the underside.

That doesn't seem right but the fit between the two pieces is very tight. The image shows the filter basket how it would be just prior to me pushing it down into the portafilter. As you can see, the portafilter has the "indent" that I'm sure is intended to assist in extracting the filter basket but it was so tight the indent did nothing for me.

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To remove the basket, pry the lip up with a flat screwdriver blade (or even the lip of another basket).

To make this easier, loosen the spring clip (wire inside the portafilter) by straightening out some of the bends, or remove it entirely.

Ridgeless baskets are much easier to remove from the portafilter, but I don't know if they are available in 54mm.

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A quarter also makes a good pry tool.
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