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Dear Vince, The valve on the boiler is not a vacuum valve it is the safety valve. thanks Wendy


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Ah, so it is. It is quite foreshortened in the picture and I mistook it for a VB valve. O well.



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salvatorespresso wrote:Dear Vince, The valve on the boiler is not a vacuum valve it is the safety valve. thanks Wendy
Wendy, I see this is your first post, welcome to the forums and thanks for sending my recent parts order.

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You're welcome David, you have been a loyal customer for around 9 years, a great testament to your caring for the machine, thanks Wendy


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I thought I'd take a moment and address the "false pressure at start up" and why there is no vacuum valve in Salvatores home machines ( boilers under 3 litres) When you turn the machine on and it begins to heat after about 4 minutes it comes to pressure and you can open the steam knob, bleed the air (gauge drops)and then close the knob and in a minute or so it is back to true pressure and ready to use. We like to turn the machine on and open the steam knob, in a few minutes it starts to sputter steam then we close the knob and it continues to pressure and you will not get a false reading.
It is true that instead of opening and closing the steam knob that takes a few seconds a vacuum valve will take care of this BUT the consequences over time to the machine are not worth it. In a small boiler like the one black being horizontal and just over 1.5 litres or his other home machines with vertical boilers at just over 2 litres and really any machine under 3 liters, there is very little space between the water level in the boiler and the top of the boiler. When the boiler heats the water expands and steam begins to form, the vacuum valve allows the air to be released but also some steam and water - then it seats . Over time in these small machines we see evidence of corrosion from the water and steam being released inside.
Also vacuum valves can stick open then they hiss and allow constant steam to be released inside the machine or they get stuck closed.
One of the reasons a 6 year warranty is offered is because the chronic problem parts have been eliminated such as vacuum valves. I hope in my layman language this helps, sincerely Wendy