Faema Faemart... anyone know this?

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Hi everyone, Fab here from MTL. A couple of years ago i had picked up an old Faema Faemart. It's an awesome machine!! Unfortunately, there is not much information out there on it. What i noticed was a lot of parts where stamped La Cimbali!!! (Rebadged)?
I had passed by the store this week to get some parts and inquired about the boiler. They mentioned it was a thermoblock but it doesn't seem like it. I know usually thermoblocks, when switching on steam, they make that pulsating noise before steam comes out. Mine is almost instant steam. Maybe it has an aluminum boiler?
Any info would be great! Thanks


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It's the same as a la cimbali Domus, aluminum boiler, aluminum portafilter, parts are available at faema. Fast heating and nice small machine, opv is adjustable. Was retailing for around 7-800 when new, use soft water as a descale is bad for the alu boiler, enjoy!

Fabchef (original poster)

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Hi Nick, thank you so much for the reply. I thought it wad an aluminum boiler. I took a peek inside and that's what it looks like. It's an awesome machine! It heats up super fast and once hot, the steam function comes in fast!
I do have the original manual, the only thing it covers is the rejuvenation of the water softener (running salt through it). No mention of using a descaling solution in it, which i have not used. Should i use it?
The only thing i had done wad to do a backflush to clean out the 3 way solenoid, but it seemed clean.
Anything else i should do?
Thanks again for the info.