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Hello, I hope I am posting this message correctly. I picked up the Faema Eurostar Professional espresso machine $75 and I'm trying to figure it out. I haven't been able to find a manual or even a post discussing this machine outside of this site. Any information is sorely needed and appreciated. I'm not even sure if I'm using the buttons correctly (It's the top one and the bottom one for coffee making right?).

The boiler heats up
the pump draws water (tube 1 in the photo)
the steam/hot water wand work

When I try to use the brew head it just sends water straight out of the machine (tube 2 in the photo). Not a drop of water goes through the shower. I am a complete newbie to how these work and can barely identify some of the main parts of the machine. I'm not sure why this is happening. It might be that the hoses are not going to the right places. Tube 1 and 2 were reversed when I got the machine.

Any help appreciated, Thank you for your time.

Team HB

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Yes, Top Power switch and bottom Brew Switch for brewing. The brew switch powers the Pump and the Brew valve at the same time, so you should get water through the group.

If you try it with no portafilter/no coffee in place, does the water still escape over the OPV valve to that return-tube, or does it come out the group?

That return hose returns the excess water to the reservoir whenever the pressure in the brew circuit is higher than its set point (Probably 9.5 to 10 Bar). If you've ground too finely, the water can not go through the coffee-prep and will be forced over that OPV. If the brew valve is not opening, the water will be forced over that OPV.

If the water still does not come through the head even with no coffee or portafilter interfering... Test the brew valve. Turn on the switch with the picture of a faucet, this will run the pump steadily so that it won't be stopping and starting with the brew valve and you can hear the brew valve separately. Now rock the brew switch back and forth. You should distinctly hear the Clack - Clunk of the brew valve opening and closing each time you move the brew switch. If you hear nothing, the brew valve isn't opening and we'll take it from there.

And $75 is an amazing price for that. It's an IMAT Professional. The retailers calling themselves Faema in Canada were rebranding it with the Faema name (and making sure to follow it with .mdd or .ca). Those were retailing for $1000 to $1200 from the early 2000s up until about 2017. There were several models of IMAT machines sold by them. Yours is structurally the best built of them. It's based on the Faema Family machine (The brass boiler one, the good one) that preceeded it when the actual Faema company in Italy still made non-commercial machines.

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Thanks for all of that wonderful information. Of course I immediately google imat professional to search for further information but no joy :cry: I haven't tried it with coffee or portafilter in place. Im not new to making espresso just fixing machines so I do understand what you are saying about the pressure and coffee grind. In this case it doesn't apply though. No water at all has come through the brew head. It is bone dry. If I open up the steam wand and press the hot water tap button the water will flow through the steam wand. When I close the steam wand the water diverts to the OPV (which I'll go out on a limb and say that means over pressure valve) tube and comes out of there. So I'm guessing this is a "brew valve" problem from what you have said. I'm not hearing a loud clicking noise over the volume of the pump.

I have noticed that one of the terminals on this relay does not have a wire attached to it. I'm guessing this piece is what controls that brew head opening.

Thank you again for your insights. It is very much appreciated.

edit: upon further searching I'm finding more about the IMAT. The trouble shooting flow chart suggests cleaning or replacing the solenoid valve. I'm not sure exactly which part that is though.

Team HB

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Here's a whole bevy of IMAT machines that have been discontinued for a decade being offered as "Still for sale" on a kind of sketchy looking site with a lot of photos stolen from known retailers. ... ne&cid=100

Somebody in these forums has a cool one, single boiler professional like yours, I think... He has cut off the lower body, wrapped the main portion of the machine in one of those adhesive skins and set it on furniture legs. Found it...

Custom Build Faema Eurostar Family Professional

Team HB

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Your red arrow is pointing at the valve that I suspect.

It's fine that the perpendicular tab has no wire, the parallels are the power, the empty tab is just a ground, it doesn't need the ground wire because it is bolted to the grounded boiler.

I believe you want to remove that brew valve (solenoid valve) from the boiler, dismantle and clean it completely, then test it again. It might just be physically seized on calcium inside.

Do not work inside a live machine unless you're absolutely certain of what you're doing and how to use your tools for the specific test. That said, you might want to check the voltage across that brew valve with the brew switch on. If it's got mains voltage but still doesn't Clack-Clunk when powered on and off, AFTER being completely cleaned and reassembled, then the coil is probably dead.

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Oh wow you aren't kidding about the sketchy site. :evil: They are all of the images from my faema searches over the past few days including the one that someone had modded in this group with the wooden legs. Apparently, that site owns all of them :lol:

It was actually the post about the modded faema with the wooden legs that led me to this site in the first place.

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Thanks for pointing to the valve and for the repair advice. :D Once I get in and start to examine the guts I will let you know what I find.

Eaglebiker (original poster)

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A few runs of descaler seems to have freed up the valve and the machine can now brew coffee. Its some of the worst espresso I've made, but it brews coffee. Currently its pushing water through 20g of very finely ground hard tamped coffee in about 6 seconds :? Completely undrinkable. I'm guessing it is from my tamper not fitting quite right into the basket and I'm getting some major channeling. At least that's what I'm hoping it is. I know the grind is good. Are the baskets that come with this machine generally good, or should I upgrade to a VST?

edit: After obtaining the correct size of tamper the coffee is quite good. Though i'm still pondering a VST.


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Hello! I have the same IMAT machine you posted about. It was a hand me down and I have no idea how to use it. Would you be willing to send me a list of instructions for brewing the coffee with it?