Faema E61 Legend tri phase to single phase conversion

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Hi everyone!
New to the forum here.
I'd like to run a Faema E61 (Legend) at home; a single group would be ideal but 2 groups will be easier to find on the used market.
Only problem is the 380 volt tri phase electric wiring.
Is it possible to convert it from tri phase 380 volt to single phase 220-240 volt?
Will the power consumption be lower after the conversion? (Max power consumption at 380-415V3N 50Hz (W) is 3300-3900 for 1GR and 4000-4800 for 2GR).
Please forgive me for my ignorance and poor English.
Thanks in advance.

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Hello Giuseppe and welcome to HB!

You are in luck that converting from 3-phase to single phase is very easily done.

Hopefully this topic will shed some light for you!
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- Jake
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Napoli (original poster)

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Thanks a lot Jake!