Faema E61 group differences

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I'm about to get an e61, but unfortunately it's 2000km away and I can't see it live.
My question is what is the difference between these two types of groups.

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The picture appears to show two identical, standard E61 groups. Each levetta (handle) manually operates the internal three way valve of its group, and both are connected via the rod to the pump switch. This is a normal configuration for some Spanish manufactured machines.

What differences are you concerned about?
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The shape of the flange with which they engage is different in the groups from the two pictures. I've read that there are clones of the original bands, but I never understood what the difference was with the originals.

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The loose groups have triangular mounting flanges and the one's on the machines are filled in on the bottom of the flange, so closer to rectangular. It's subtle and took me a while to see, no clue what it means though.

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The two groups pictured laying on the counter have the typical Faema shape (for original E-61 as well as newer Legend) as shown in a Faema parts list below. After looking at lots of online images I'm pretty sure the two groups mounted on the pictured machine are replacements. But I'm clueless as to whether they may have other differences besides the shape of the flange.

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From what I've heard so far from colleagues on Facebook, the difference is primarily the rear shape and then the length of the inner pins and the cam that drives them. The ones with triangular shape are original, the others are aftermarket production as spare parts. They say there is no difference in the quality of the coffee.


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For a time Pavoni made an almost identical head but with proprietary differences, presumably for patent. Some parts look identical but are not interchangeable eg, refer to coffeeparts website.

Sometimes if a head has been rechromed the plater will polish out deep scratches which can change the shape of the mounting flange.
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