Faema Ariete with "angled" e61 group?

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my latest discovery, a Faema Ariete:

I like this machine, technically an E61 but with a simpler (and smaller) case, looking forward to restore it next winter. Only thing I've never seen before is this "angled" version of the E61 Grouphead, even not on Faema or Futurmat Arietes. A nice alteration in the look of the grouphead that fits to the overall design of the machine.

Anyone got information about the grouphead? When was it built? Only on special models? Any technical differences to the standard E61 (i doubt it) and so on....

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Nice machine, Stefan :-)
I have seen some Ariette in the past, but none with this polygon (octagon?) shape grouphead.
Is this machine manufacture in Spain? If that's the case, then I have suspicion, maybe they made this odd grouphead to circumvent Faema patent for E-61. :wink:
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no...the machine is labeled as faema, not futurmat (spain company of faema), so i guess its original :-)
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There's La Pavoni on Ebay now with two angled E61 Groups
http://www.ebay.com/itm/PAVONI-BAR-2-S- ... 1986714716


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The LaPav groups are hexagonal, the Faema Ariete groups are octagonal.
Which means there are two kinds of 'angled' groups
The plot thickens!
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thanks for pointing me out on the pavoni. didnt even knew that pavoni made machines with e61 styled groups. but like bluecold mentioned: looks like a different group then on the ariete...
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