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#101: Post by malling »

I got the first few shots after getting home from my long vacation and my initial experience are positive it's definitely an upgrade on the shots with stock high flow basket and VST on my F58. I opted on the 16g and I ran 14g in it and the shots been good and it allows me to pull 1:4 shots, cleaner and more balanced. I had less succes with long pull on the mazzer 151b burrs but this of some reason I cannot spin my head around can even pull 1:4 without the issue I experienced with said burr already around 1:3 ratio on VST.

Gotta get used to the not eye candy shots

Also the bucket pf is absolutely amazing, hefty and flat on counter.. absolutely love that pf already

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#102: Post by espressoren »

I think they have finally started shipping in volume, after the big price drop and months long preorders.

I like it so far, just using it with my stock Micra PF. Not sure if it's the extraction to the edges (or maybe placebo, though I was really more curious than expecting it to be better) but the results seem more balanced and a bit richer.

Also, I'm not one for puck screens or paper filters but I can't argue with the way the provided filters keep the holes clean.

The under-basket look of the shots doesn't really bother me. I think a lot of it has to do with surface tension of the metal finish, or lack thereof. You can definitely see oils on the surface of the polished basket a lot more than the standard style baskets, so there are fewer pores for the coffee to pool on, and makes for thin looking shots

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#103: Post by Curt »

Does the texture of the coffee change a lot? Does it lose texture?

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#104: Post by elpolymath »

mctrials23 wrote:This is the reality of the matter. I say that paying that much for a basket/portafilter is madness but I have a LMLu, a P64 and acaia lunar scales. The realms of "value for money" were left behind a long time ago. I think perhaps we tell ourselves these are ridiculous to make ourselves feel better about the silly amounts we spend on this hobby. If you have a line in the sand, you can't be that crazy right?
Can you use unibasket with LMLu stock PF?

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#105: Post by malling »

Curt wrote:Does the texture of the coffee change a lot? Does it lose texture?
I would not really say you loose texture more that it just changes to being more lighter, VST definitely fuller texturised.

But again much depends on the ratio that you use, as I'm 1:3 at least with Unibasket it's a given you will end with more lighter texture.

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#106: Post by baldheadracing »

elpolymath wrote:Can you use unibasket with LMLu stock PF?
Yes, but I didn't try it with the spouts attached to the portafilter.

IIRC, I did have to change the portafilter retaining spring to the spring supplied with the Unibasket.
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#107: Post by jley08 »

I tried it with the LMLu spouts. You cant twist to fully secure it. But if you push it in, it is snug enough that it works. I am using a 20g unibasket.

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#108: Post by andlum »

Hi all, just for clarification: does anyone know if the 16g Unibasket will fit the LM Micra portafilter handle with the spouts attached? I noticed that shipping costs to Germany dropped from 30€ to 6€ today and my finger just clicked the buy now button.

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#109: Post by John49 replying to andlum »

The depth of the 16g basket is 24mm.

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#110: Post by andlum »

For everyone to know before ordering. The 16g Unibasket can not be used with the removable spouts of the Linea Micra.