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curious on what portafilter funnel people have success with as i prefer this workflow. my p64 funnel doesnt' work well either as i get a lot of grinds on the rim when i remove the funnel. the unibasket is a tad wider based on my observation.
I have no issues knocking out the puck tho. i use 19g normally with paper.

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I'm using the Barista Hustle funnel with very little trouble with grounds.


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I have been using the unifilter for six weeks or so now. I have not done any scientific tasting tests. I find the biggest benefit to be it is much more forgiving than my VST in terms of a much wider grind sweet spot to produce high quality shots, regardless of shot time. I use a swork funnel, the one with the internal magnets, and works fine. I use the paper every time and that presents no problems for me, only takes a second to set it into the unifilter. I usually get a single rat tail about half way through the shot but I am running my shots pretty quickly. I find that if I don't run the shot quickly, the pre-infusion takes too long at a low pressure (2 bars or so), so I'm still tweaking my approach. Overall, I'm very happy with the unifilter and think it's one of the best investments I've made in my espresso set up. The taste in the cup is at least as good as previously, probably better but I'm reluctant to say so without blind taste testing.

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rhtrevino wrote:I'm using the Barista Hustle funnel with very little trouble with grounds.
Not specific to the Weber Unibasket, but I also have been using the BH ring funnel and it solve the problem of spreading grounds for me. It's a tad bit expensive compared to Aliexpress crap, but it is well made and worth the price.
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I have been watching the threads on the Unibasket and Wafo baskets with great interest. With my limited knowledge, there are still some things I don't quite understand.

First, my experience with pick screens is they require a coarser grind. If these baskets allow for a finer grind, what is the purpose of the screen? Without the screen,is the grind too fine or does the shot get over extracted?

Specific to the Unibasket, there is a lot made of it's thickness and rigidity. My Pullman basket appears to have bowed at the bottom, something the Unibasket tries to solve/avoid. Is a bowed basket something that should be replaced? It is only about a year old and used no more than twice a day.

If that is the case, then maybe there is a longevity argument for the Unibasket to respond to some of the objections with the price. Or maybe I'm trying to justify.


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I'm searching for a better funnel as well. I have the Decent non magnetized and the Lagom P64 Magnetized. Neither fit properly on the Unibasket. I bought a Flair 58 funnel, and it fits well on the basket but is too wide to allow the PF to sit on the P64 forks for grinding directly into the PF.


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Does anyone know the capacity of the unibasket?

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Haven't given mine a thorough workout yet, because I have a Londinium and it doesn't work well with the standard portafilter. Used it a bit with a spouted PF I have while I wait for a new one to come in the mail. Haven't noticed any huge differences vs my VST's taste wise but will be experimenting more asap. Knocking out pucks of a straight walled basket is generally quite a bit harder and more annoying though FWIW.

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If a product that warrants about 4x the price of it's closest competition of similar products (yes the lower priced precision baskets are the competition) NEEDS testing before you can taste a difference, I'm a bit lost for words on the usefulness of bleeding edge baskets. I'd say that's a bad experience.

Like, if you've pulled some shots and your experience doesn't readily provide some sensation that the product is DIFFERENT then this is just a nerd/lab item. That's not a knock on people that can't readily taste differences that matter, that's questioning real viability of these bleeding edge products that 1% of the aficionado population will care about while the other 99% may buy because the 1% say it's worth it even if the experience is negligibly different.

This basket reminds me of "high end" scales, tampers, distributors, WDT tools etc. There are people complaining about a $200 basket, but have a $300 scale and a $200 tamper.......
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Yeah, you're exactly right
Spitz.me wrote:then this is just a nerd/lab item.
I view it as lab equipment. Nothing wrong with that. I say I haven't done extensive testing because I haven't done back to back shots with this and a VST. So just going based on how I remembered the same coffee tasting the day before it didn't seem that different (both shots were great!).