Experience with no-burn steam wand on La Spaziale S1 Mini Vivaldi

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#1: Post by Mike-R »

Anyone have good results with the no-burn steam wand on the S1? I have 3 different tips (one 2 hole and two 4 hole tips), tried two different pitchers, but all my results are utter failures. It doesn't matter what angles and placement I try, I can't get a good roll after stretching that pulls the foam down from the top,

I want to blame my technique, but the reality is that I have 9 years of great results with the stock arm (with a 4 hole tip). Before that I had a Silvia for 3 years and was able to get great microfoam on that too (after an initial learning curve). I have practiced many texturing techniques over the years, so I don't think I'm a one trick pony who just needs to learn a different style to match the wand/tip.

If anyone is able to get great microfoam with the no burn arm, I might keep trying. Otherwise, I'm going back to the stock arm and the 4 hole tip.