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#221: Post by redpig »

Thought I'd add that my forge arrived last week as well, and it's been most excellent so far:

(Redbird Espresso)

With a fill-then-dump-then-fill-and-pull, I get shots that taste very similar to the Faema Baby but with a repeatable pressure profile! With steam preheating (on top of a 300ml velox kettle), I can easily make a classic commercial group flavor profile (to me) so far. My current strategy is a 2 bar for 2s preinfusion with a ramp to 7bar then a slow decline to bottoming out at 4 bar. The VST15 works well, but it's really delicious to go for high doses in the stock basket 8)
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#222: Post by strobolights »

Recently I received my espressoforge v2.1 and make some cups of espresso with it everyday.
I grind city roasted coffee beans with LIDO-E.

My question is my LIDO-E is OK or not.
In the LIDO-E manual, espresso setting range is 4-8 from zero, but 4th notch seems to be too loose for my espressoforge.

About 0.8 notch from zero can work for my espressoforge.
In detail,
- beans : city roasted 16g.
- water : boiled water.
- preheat? : with boiled water.
- tamping : about 8-10kg
- profile : 60psi 10secs, 120psi 20-30secs

- LIDO-E : 4th notch -> too loose, 3th notch -> too loose, 2nd notch -> too loose, 1st notch -> can work

Are there some issue with my espresso forge or LIDO-E. What are your setting of LIDO-E or LIDO-3 with espressoforges?
Are there any informations ? Please help me.


#223: Post by biznus97 »

My EspressoForge requires much finer grind than my pump machine. Your experience sounds consistent with mine but I don't remember my exact settings.

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#224: Post by samuellaw178 »

strobolights wrote:About 0.8 notch from zero can work for my espressoforge.
That's about right to me. On my Lido 3 (same burrs as Lido E, but have a coarser thread size), I am grinding at about -0.5 (no burrs rub or very close to it) for the EspressoForge.


#225: Post by strobolights »

Thank you samuellaw178 !!

"-0.5 (minus 0.5)" ? really ?
I'll try that range( In my LIDO-E, It would be about -1.0 I think ... ).
It seems to be some hard work to grind at that small range.

I was worrying about too small range against the manual, but your information resolved my worry.

My LIDO-E has some rub under about 8th notch. It's annoying a little, but I try not to care.
I took LIDO-E apart and reconstruct it, but there are some annoying rub...
Then I try not to care about it :(

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#226: Post by MB »

Same with my Lido E. I used it for the first time with the Forge today and had to set it at negative 0.75 (almost one notch). Grinding that fine, I also get some slight resistance while cranking on one side.

I was surprised how fine I had to set my V-modded Pharos for the EspressoForge compared to the setting for my La Pavoni Europiccola (about 70 degrees finer). Once I figured it out though, the results were nice.
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#227: Post by samuellaw178 »

strobolights wrote:Thank you samuellaw178 !!

"-0.5 (minus 0.5)" ? really ?
I'll try that range( In my LIDO-E, It would be about -1.0 I think ... ).
It seems to be some hard work to grind at that small range.

I was worrying about too small range against the manual, but your information resolved my worry.
No problem Daisuke! Yes it is negative 0.5.

I wouldn't worry too much about replicating my grind setting either. Reason being every grinder does have a slightly different set point (for whatever reason it is, and it is the same for every grinder out there - not just Lido). Moreover, the zero point was marked by hand by Doug/Barb so I wouldn't expect zero point on all Lido to mean the same thing - it is merely a guide line.

If there is one conclusion I can draw from my observation, the new burrs set on the Lido seems to grind coarser for a particular burrs gap (compared to older Lidos or other similar small conical hand grinder). Not a bad thing per se, just the way it is. As long as the rub isn't sounding like teeth rubbbing against teeth (a terrible sound), I wouldn't worry too much either. The burrs have a machined edge that allows the inner and outer burrs to ride smoothly over each other without harming the teeth (when you disassembled the burrs and put them together you will know what I mean).

Ideally yes, I would like to get rid of the rubbing altogether. But at least I don't think it is something that harms the burrs.

Back on the Forge, yes, it does require a tad finer grind than others. Compared to my commercial lever, it is maybe 5-10 degree finer on the VD-Pharos - not as drastic as 70 degree (Pavoni/Cremina requires coarser grind). Again, just the way how it works and it is indeed quite nice when you manage to work it out. :D

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#228: Post by spressomon »

Same experience here with my EspressoForge: Finer grind or bigger dosage (compared to either my LI or Export). Making a ristretto is easy on the EF...sweet, syrupy and oh so dee-lish!
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#229: Post by strobolights »

Impressive. The Forge is very impressive I think.

I got some great ristretto doppio shots, brewing with
- Full city roasted , 2 days aged , 15g beans.
- Ground with LIDO-E 0.4 notches.
- Preheat 1 time.
- Pour hot water and immediately ramp up to 8bars and slope down to 6bars in about 30secs.
- Output volume is about 1.2oz including crema.

By the way, shouldn't we call this masterpiece "RistrettoForge" ??
I can't brew decent espresso doppio (i.e. 2oz output) by any kind of trial :(

And I want some kind of PPF kind of stuff. ( I mean if PPF parts kind of stuff could replace the ring holding the basket, wouldn't it be nice? )
I'm a little delicate so I don't want to drink some kind of sink shot (disgusting taste shot) at some situation.
( )

Besides I want brew some tea espresso.

Anyway the Forge is highly recommended.

Good night.