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And another timer-related mishap. I once cleaned the machine's exterior while the timer was in off mode, hence no power to the machine. I pushed in the brew button and didn't realize it. Next morning I had a cold machine, with an empty water tank, and lots of water on the floor. Yes, Thank God (and the engineers) for auto-fill and low water shut-off.
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I have been using this timer for about three months now and am very pleased with its performance and dependability. What a joy it is to wake up to a preheated and ready-to-use espresso machine. The only oddity I have run into is when I used the timer mode. Last week a friend was coming over and I wanted the machine to be on when he arrived, so about an hour before his scheduled arrival I set the timer mode for 90 minutes. This would leave the machine on for that amount of time, then turn it off when the time expired. That worked fine. He arrived on schedule, but he decided he didn't want coffee so I turned the timer off manually before the programmed time expired and set it back to the "AUTO OFF" mode so my espresso machine would be ready the next morning. For the next two or three days the timer would not turn the espresso machine on even if a program was set to do so. The solution was to open timer mode again and reset the amount of time in the timer mode to 00:00:00. After that it worked perfectly. I did not see mention of this in the instructions. - 2000-2023 - a good run, its time is done