Espresso Forge Travel Kettle

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#1: Post by shotwell »

I'm looking for a stove top travel kettle that the Espresso Forge can sit on top of for preheating. I was going to take my Moka pot bottom and a milk steaming pitcher, but the forge doesn't fit in my Moka pot base. If I've got to buy something anyway, I'd prefer to just get a kettle with a good spout. Any recommendations?

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#2: Post by spressomon »

I have and use the Fino 6c/1.2L kettle at home and all things mobile use and the 'Forge sits perfectly atop the kettle for pre-heating. ... 8836&psc=1
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#3: Post by shotwell »

That's a nice option. It even looks like the 4.5 cup size shares a lid design and would save just a little more space in my bag. Thanks!

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#4: Post by BeanRidin' »

I use the Yama 24oz Stainless Steel Goose-neck Kettle. You will need a potholder as the handle gets hot, and a cork plug as it spits water and to redirect the steam to the forge. Other than those quirks, it is small (other than the goose-neck) and fits the base of the forge. I pair that with a multi-fuel stove and a jigged out piece of PVC for the stand and have something that doesn't take up too much space in the saddlebag. (motorcycle camping. Espresso, my guilty pleasure!)