Espresso and grinders in covered outdoor space

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We're in the midst of kitchen remodeling that will take months but have a covered outdoor cooking space that I'd like to temporary house my espresso machines and grinders as we still need espresso and coffee daily. We live in California that's dry with little rain and the space is fully covered, assuming no rain and I find some way of fashioning waterproof covers for the machines so they're not exposed to elements, what are some other things I should consider? is it such a terrible idea that I should just store everything in garage until interior space is available again?

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Many machines are used outdoors daily, on coffee carts and/or patios.
I think you should use large garbage bags to fully wrap them when not in use, it will help to keep the bugs out. But it won't hurt them so long as they're not rained on.

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Indoor-use only equipment stored and used outdoors? No, I wouldn't do it. This could be a good time to enjoy a "mini" espresso setup, e.g., a Cafelat Robot or Flair Espresso plus a manual grinder.
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