Elektra Verve

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#1: Post by Scotty514 »

After 1 week with my new Elektra Verve, I have to say it produces consistently excellent espresso. If anyone is considering this machine, so far I highly recommend
Tried upload of shot being pulled video, but site won't let me


#2: Post by Todd762 »

How is the steaming power?

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Scotty514 (original poster)

#3: Post by Scotty514 (original poster) »

For a home barista, more than enough
It's set around 1.2 and it gets a cup of milk up to temperature in about 15-20 seconds.
For the home 2 or more bars of steam pressure is just overkill.
Does the extra 5 seconds make a difference?
It really produces quality espresso in my opinion
The saturated group may have something to do with it
I'm totally loving this machine


#4: Post by drH »

It's spectacular.

I couldn't find this online but is it commercially rated? It seems to all top end components. Does it allow volumetrics or totally manual?

Scotty514 (original poster)

#5: Post by Scotty514 (original poster) »

no volumetric buttons, but the settings (like pre infusion up to 20 seconds, brew temp and shot timer) are through the machines internal wifi which comes up on your smart phone and so far works very well
the reviews say semi commercial grade, but i use for the home so fully commercial rated would be overkill for me


#6: Post by lagoon »

Nice looking machine.


#7: Post by Espressoman007 »

The machine looks damn good, I like those sturdy "legs" and the design all together. I hope this thread will live longer with more impressions to read about it.
Keep it alive!
Amazing machine!


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#8: Post by SCespresso »

Does it allow the pressure to be set at 2bars? I didn't see it mentioned on the 2 purchase listings I could find


#9: Post by Slattè »

Steam wand tips it comes with is alright but not the best fit for this machine. I experimented with a bunch of different tips. Best results were the 3 hole 1mm tips. The rockets steam tips are compatible.


#10: Post by KenDigg »

Hi mate
Seven months in, how is it all going? I'm on the edge of buying one of these, or a Synchronika, and need to get every last detail!

Have you had any issues with the phone integration? As people have said that's my only concern for the future. I'm buying a machine I want to last 10 years.