Elektra Verve pre-infusion

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#1: Post by Tfili »

I just picked up a new Elektra Verve and have a question. I'm running off the internal tank, so when the preinfusion cycle starts a little water comes from the group for a few seconds, but it's not always enough to see some beads start to form on the bottomless portafilter. The pump is not on yet, so the water that does come out is minimal, similar to maybe an e61 on a tank with the lever just past half way.

If I plumbed in the machine, would I get a more constant water line pressure during the whole preinfusion cycle?

Appreciate any help!


#2: Post by DaveC »

Sadly no, when I did an engineering evaluation of the Verve for a UK retailer (they needed to decide whether to stock it). One of the areas was preinfusion and the function isn't worth using. You get 5ml for a 10s preinfusion and even 20s only gave around 10 ml at best. This is because it's a passive process of hottish water being pushed from a very, very small brew boiler. I suppose if the brew boiler were quite cold as it would be on a second shot (if you were making two shots)...then you might get a bit more water out, due to more water expansion, perhaps another 5ml.

I don't recommend you use it, because it's a major PITA for flushing the group to clean and brush around after a shot...as you have to wait 10 or 20s to get any water..depending on the "preinfusion" time you set.