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Hello HB,

After many years of reading some of the best information right here on your forum I have decided to register and share where I can.

I started my proper coffee habit around 3.5 years ago when I got tired of the Nespresso (I apologise for this) taste. I went and bought a Jura F50 automagic machine but was still not happy with the lack of control or user input in the process. Given that I do not do milk at all I tend to be a bit difficult when it comes to espresso, it is going to need to be good since there is no sweet milk to hide a poor extraction under.
This is where I decided that I needed to step into the realm of coffee science, this meant to me that I needed to be in control of as much of the process as possible, this meant getting new toys (hooray!)

I started with a Silvia, two months later i saw a Rocket Giotto for a steal and since this is the first machine I fell in love with I had to get it. (the Silvia went to a great home where it is still serving excellent shots today.) Fast forward two years and some change I have had many great espresso from my Rocket, I added Eric's Thermo somewhere in these two years. Not once in these years did I think of changing my machine, until a month ago when I was in Milan and saw a really shiny Elektra Belle Epoque in its full glory! Fascinated I wanted to know more so I got to googling and checking local classifieds in my country. And behold I found a sixties t1 for sale for pretty much nothing.

Fast forward to last night, I now own an absolute mint (!!) Elektra Sixties T1 :-) :-)

It is in such great condition that There is nothing for me to do except replace the programming key, polish it a bit and perhaps find a compatible IMS screen.
When I saw the other posts of users on HB with the same machine they showed images of somewhat neglected machines, this is what I prepared myself for ultimately. But I could not even find dust beneath the panels. It turns out that this machine had recently been serviced, which included a full descale of absolutely everything. (Score!)

Thank you for this amazing forum!

Herewith some pics:
(Cover off as I still need to plumb it in)

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Hey welcome Thomas! Glad to have you! That's a bulletproof machine for the most part. Enjoy it!


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Congratulations... But I feel sorry for the Giotto getting ignored when the new baby gets all the attention. :)


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The Giotto will live a good life with a friend, I will only be on the T1 for the foreseeable future.

Had it plumbed in today, settled on 3bar. Now just need some coffee to get going.

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Espresso or bust indeed! That was a super clean find - great score. Mine is in line for some work but I have so many lever projects ahead, its not even funny.


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Thank you Sir,

I am indeed over the moon. I paid around 900 for it and given my geo I do not think that was too bad. Herewith a few more pics.

Ran a long water line today with pressure regulator and gauge. In case. The pressure is pretty high here straight out of the ground.


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It takes a long heat cycle, not a machine you want to turn off and on. Mine has been basically on for 10 years. From cold figure minimum an hour heat up.
Dave Stephens


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I have noticed this, I would heat it, make maybe 2 americanos over an hour and switch it off again. Switch it back on when I get home from work remotely so that it's ready when I get in.

I recently moved to solar so technically it wont cost much to just keep it on.

Thank you for your input.