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howard seth

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IslandAddict wrote:I'm not thrilled that the machine has needed a new p-stat and boiler in less than 18 months of use, but I still love it. Blinded by beauty I guess, not to mention by great espresso.
I can relate. :?



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I recently had a problem with my Micro Casa Semi Automatica SXCD. I live in the the UK and I too found it almost impossible to identify an experienced engineer who could repair my machine despite searching the net for hours. I eventually emailed Elektra for a recommendation. Within two or three days I received an email from Frashell Ltd [frank456@(deletethis)btconnect.com], contact details below. Elektra had advised Frasheel Ltd of my problem. I phoned Frank at Frashell and asked a number of technical questions to ensure that he was familiar with these machines. All my questions were answered in full. I duly sent my machine via courier for repair. The service Frashell Ltd has provided has been superb and I would highly recommend them.

One important note: Do keep your original packing. Unfortunately I had thrown mine away just two weeks beforehand. I have owned the machine for 5 years. Although I made a pretty good job of packing the machine up, the couriers still managed to damage the machine. The decorative water tank is made of brass coated in Chrome and it was compressed during transport. Frank took it to a panel beater who repaired it at no cost to myself. The machine was repaired at a very reasonable cost and the pressure and temperature was fully bench tested before being returned to me within a week. Fantastic service and highly recommended.

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Nice to have a solid recommendation for Elektra service in the UK.


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