Elektra Semiautomatica eagle haircut

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I have a new to me Elektra Semiautomatica with the eagle top. Unfortunately, there is a small problem in that the custom floating shelves over my coffee bar are hung too low to accommodate the eagle. Yes- I can raise the shelves but I want to wait to be convinced that this machine is a keeper!

With the eagle removed, the machine tucks nicely under my shelf with a small amount of headspace. (I will have to pull it out to add water to the reservoir, but that will be my burden). Removing the eagle left a hole where the bolt was. This hole will allow water to evaporate and add to the refilling burden.

Looking for suggestions for an elegant way to cap the reservoir lid hole without adding too much height.


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The Retro model had a blue Murano glass ball on top:

Discontinued according to 1st-line

I didn't find anyone selling this specific part, but I'd be willing to bet that a well-stocked kitchen hardware store will have a drawer pull that tickles your fancy.
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Thanks! A drawer pull is a good idea.