Elektra Microcasa a Leva, 1985 model, is it post 85

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New member here. Found mega info on upgrades to a Micro casa and a link to a video showing capability

You guys mentioned how upgrades are dependent on the age of machines. Mines a 1985 and I'm hoping that means that it has post 85 upgrades. ....I get that post 'the year" probably means that '86 is the first year that 'post 1985' factory mods would apply

I'm interested in your spring upgrade but sounds like gotta be post 85. The crema is just thin. I do roast my own coffee, btw. And though the Rancilio rocky isn't top of the line, I don't feel the grind is inconsistent and the fineness and beyond what I'd need

Any easy way to tell if my 1985 has the factory upgrades . Thank you!