Elektra A3 1992

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Hello everyone, new user here and new to the more 'pro' side of the espresso machines.
Here is the Elektra A3 (A.3) 1992 La Deliziosa that I picked up today. Has a leaking overpressure valve but other than that seems to be working fine.
I have not found any info on this model on the net, and definitely not in the dark brown colour that seems to be factory (not stainless steel). Any info on the model would be appreciated.

Here are the photos:

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Nice unit.

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What got me confused is that it does not look like any A3 I have seen on the net, but then pre 1990 Elektra models do not seem that common on here. Could it be that they did not export them to overseas / USA before that time?

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Nice condition on the outside and I hope you can say the same for inside the boiler,
you can easily remove the safety vale and water level probe welt (not just the probe) and with a flashlight in one and one eye on the other have an initial look inside of it,
there were a lot of them sold and marketed "for not only home use only" but small convenient store, gas station deli's etc etc at least here in Oregon,
most of parts still available from us and others etc etc.
Stefano Cremonesi
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If I ever need parts I guess I could always take a bus to their Italian factory as the ticket is 10 euro from where I live. I doubt these will be an issue.
I think that nobody here bought these as home machines as europeans tend to have smaller kitchens and expensive electricity. So most likely spent its life in a small fish restaurant or something with not much coffee traffic.

So far things seem to be fine, the safety and vacuum valve rubber got hard from sitting so they are leaking, and the pump motor bearings sound a bit dry, but otherwise no leaks or faults that I can see. The pump capacitor could use replacing I guess since it seems original.

I did some descaling but it needs a bit more IMHO. I am not sure if it was ever descaled as I removed tons of green water after putting in the descaling tablets.

Here are the photos of inside and the boiler. Boiler one I am not sure what it should look like but it has a bit of 'patina'.

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The vacuum breaker will sputter water on heat up which will off-color the boiler exterior. Not a big deal. Looks like you have the original pressurestat. It also appears your heating element gasket is leaking. Maybe a good idea to just replace most of the gaskets. I kept almost a full set on hand. They are inexpensive and when one starts to leak or gets damaged, it is nice to have the part right there for replacement.
Dave Stephens

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Interestingly the heater gasket is bone dry after being on the whole day. I guess it got gunked up over time. Never saw a drop leak from it so will just keep it as is.

Is the original pressurestat an issue?

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The exterior seems to be tin or nickel coated, hence the color. The copper can be seen where this covering has been worn off.