El Rocio Zarre V2

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Saw this espresso machine at Prima Coffee, there was talk of this machine in 2016 and a prototype was reviewed. El Rocio Zarre V2 Espresso Machine, about $3200, DB with Outboard Controller, Pressure Profiling, Bottomless Portafilter. Does anyone have experience with this machine, I haven't seen much comment on this machine. Thanks..

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LMWDP #248


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I don't own one, but friend of mine has El Rocio Zarre R which is newer version of Zarre V2. Controller has changed, so in R model you have more sophisticated pressure profiling. However I think it is similarly specced machine internally. It is considered as very good machine here in Korea, and from my short experience with machine, I think it is very well built and feature rich for price.(At least in Korea.)


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Sprometheus did a YouTube video review on this machine sometime back. You might want to look at that.
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