ECM Synchronika steam pressure adjustment

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Hello-did some searches and looked on youtube as well, but didn't come up with anything that answered my question.

I have a ECM Sync, bought new last year from WLL, with flow control.

My machine steam temp is set to 255 and the gauge shows in between 1 and 1.5 bars (1.275).
Are these optimal temp/settings? I feel like my milk frothing takes too long compared to videos I've seen, I feel like im in a 20-30 second frothing and videos of same machine frothing seem less?

I wanted to play around, but doesnt seem like I can affect the BARS, only the Temp (via the T2 setting), I assume you would go from 255 to 260 lets say to get more bars? but that doesnt seem to change it.

Any insight on steam temp and bars pressure for this machine would be helpful, I feel like i've learned a lot and im getting great coffees, but, curious on steaming still.


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In approximately 2018, ECM updated their PID so that the steam boiler setting can go as high as 273 or so. That's what I've got mine set to and the steam boiler pressure shows 2 bar. The 2 bar decreases as I use steam to heat my 4 oz of soy milk - that's normal. I use the original 2-hole steam tip.

So, try increasing the steam boiler to its maximum temperature.

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I have a 2020 Sync with flow control. I keep the steam boiler at 270 degrees and I'm sitting at about 2.1 bar. I'd suggest you crank up the boiler temp.

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A "saturated steam table" shows the relationship between steam-boiler temperature and pressure, if you're curious.

Each machine and tip seem to have an optimal pressure for a given user and amount of milk. Too little and you get bored. Too much and you can either over-aerate the milk quickly, or make a big, spattery mess.

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Thanks all, I will crank up the temp and see if my bars go up-and my milk frothing gets better.

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That worked, saw the bars increase with a little temp increase. Cheers.