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This thread has been so enlightening. I installed the Flow Control right before work this morning, it took about 15 minutes. Unfortunately, I was only able to pull one shot before I had to leave for work. My FC has just over 2 turns from closed to wide open. My measuring glass and scale took a tumble, and sadly I now have to order both new, so I was unable to measure water flow and the weight of my shot. But, thanks to all the posters on this forum, I was able to make a very nice tasting cappuccino this morning. As others have posted, the flow could have taken advantage of finer threads for flow control. I was able to slow down my plumbed pre-infusion. Again, as others have stated, once you get past the 1/4 turn, it doesn't take much to jump from 2 bar to 8 bar. I trying to pay attention to the flow gauge and to the flow of coffee from the bottomless PF but I only opened the valve about 3/4 of a turn.

I recently switched from my 17g Strada to an 18g Barista Pro basket, and had to adjust to a much finer grind, I most likely will go a hair finer. I can't wait to play with the FC a little more as I did taste a difference between my normal morning cap and the one I made with FC.

I was unable to post a pictures yet, but here is my beverage nook. ... -small.jpg
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Cool...I've never seen anyone serve espresso in win glasses before <ha-ha>. I could not help myself :lol:


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In the cabinet above is where the Irish whiskey, bourbon and scotch reside. On occasion, the Jamison has made it into the espresso. :wink:

My wife was tired of me taking up all the counter space, so when we built our new house, she made sure I had my own area. So, wine, wine cooler, wine rack and all other alcohol beverages got moved there as well.
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Off-topic, but me too.
Booze stuff on the right, tea stuff to the left of that, coffee on the left, roaster under the sink. Spare stuff in the drawers. Marital bliss :lol:


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Very nice! I really want a lever machine.
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jrham12 wrote:I was referring to ECM / Profitec's licensing agreement with WLL... if idrinkcoffee is not allowed to ship to the US because of the licensing then BB probably won't be able to either...

To update this thread a little, I ordered the ECM profile kit yesterday from Bella Barista without issue yesterday. The good is it will be here Monday, the bad is it cost me a little more.
I spoke with Whole Latte Love, but they wouldn't sell me the kit because I didn't buy my machine form them and their supply is low.


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Same problem with a recently purchased ECM Synchronika. The handle with ball are firmly attached to value and I can't get it off to turn the valve off any further. Did you continue to turn yours with the handle attached ? This was the deal with the shop installed kit and a new kit they sent me with the correct ECM gauge. They being WLL. Gotta say I am disappointed it was not sent correctly with original order.


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Nunas wrote:The e61 group has four useful positions: Off, Mid, Mid+ (this is used for preinfusion on plumbed machines) and fully on.
I'm a new Synch w FC owner. Thx for this clarification. I'm curious if you can tell me since I'm not plumbed in and am just using the reservoir, does that Mid+ position have any use for me?

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No, the so-called fourth position has a meaningful effect only on machines plumbed to an external pressure source. It isn't a position on the cam, there are only three of those. It's just a matter of raising the lever far enough to open the inlet valve without engaging the pump switch. On a non-plumbed machine, you may get a bit of dribbling from the small amount of pressure in the brew boiler.


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Nunas wrote:If you change out the spring, then this range is available nearly instantly. If you keep the old spring, then at first you have the pre-infusion of the e-61, but variable in time, followed by the aforementioned smoothly operating flow/pressure.
I had my flow control kit installed by WLL. Do you know what they do spring wise? Do they leave in the original or change it out? How would I figure out which one I have?