ECM Synchronika PID upgrade - no 20 amp mode

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#1: Post by floppysock »

Hey everyone, quick question for those who have performed the PID upgrade on the Synchronika or the Pro 700.

I run my machine on the 20 amp mode. The PID upgrade seems to have gotten rid of the f.02 5 setting (20 amp mode) and replaced it with a 4. When the PID is set to 4 - it gives an A5 error code which isn't in any of the documentation.

Could one of you check and see if yours does the same? Would greatly appreciate it.



#2: Post by Mggray87 »

I see nobody answered your question so far. I'm new to the synchronika. I can try to help u get info if you like. I'm still learning. Not sure on the past with synchronika. Or actually specific settings on pid. I only know how yo turn brew temp up and down for my beans. But if u want to walk me through I can check whatever you like on mine


#3: Post by JayBeck »

My understanding is that the PID upgrade did in fact remove the 20 amp mode. The reason for this is because it was deemed 'unnecessary' with the new module as the heating element is able to run more aggressively with the new PID (in addition to heating to a higher pressure in the steam boiler). As a result, both boilers don't need to run simultaneously to achieve full steam power and stable brew temps.


#4: Post by kitt »

I've heard that reasoning too, and really don't get it. The reason for 20 amp mode was quicker warm-up time i thought? Whilst a more aggressive PID algorithm may maintain boiler pressure better, i don't see how it can make warm up quicker as the elements are only a specified wattage . It still heats the brew boiler first, and then the steam boiler here in Australia .


#5: Post by CoffeeCrazy »

Recently picked up a ECM Synchronika with the newer PID. My understanding is they did away with the 20amp mode, with the higher steam pressure it will steam forever before it even gets down to 1.4bar. I do notice compared to my prior machine with a larger brew boiler that this PID seems to keep up but it is very aggressive, dropping a couple degrees pulling a shot and then rocketing to a couple degrees too high and then quickly settles back before I can prep another shot. No experience on the older PID and lower steam pressure version but I was really looking forward to a 20amp mode before they upgraded the units. Now it doesn't really seem necessary for performance. It would certainly allow for quicker warm up, my Wemo switch does the trick there though.


#6: Post by Lacoffee »

yeah it's gone. But i honestly don't notice it. I have my timer set for 4am, so i don't notice the warmup times either.