ECM Synchronika - Brew lever keeps slipping

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I can't seem to keep the brew lever at the halfway point to open the valve, but not activate the pump (i.e., to allow for pre-wetting or pre-infusion); it keeps on slipping, which means I have to hold it at that position manually. There's slight slippage again when I engage it to turn the pump on (when pressure ramps up to max), but it doesn't fall so much that the pump turns off. I backflush the group regularly (every week or so), and I used Cafiza maybe 3 months ago. The machine is 6 months old.

Is the slipping a symptom of excess coffee oil build-up? I've been hesitant to use Cafiza more regularly because of how severely it strips all the moving parts of lubricant.


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If you're running off the reservoir you can't "preinfuse". That only works if you have it plumbed in and even then you're just using the line pressure.

E61 machines have a few second low pressure "infusion" that happens initially in the extraction as pressure ramps but it isn't something you can vary.

If the levers loose, get a screwdriver and tighten it.

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That's not normal for such a new machine. The e61 group should stay in the middle (and upper) position without holding on to it. I'd contact the dealer and get them to fix it. We could diagnose it further here, but from the description you give it could be anything from a loose handle, as mentioned by the other responder, to a weak spring or a loose cam.
I agree with not using too much chem when backflushing; in several other threads this has been discussed. No, the coffee oil will not cause your slippage. Actually, it's the coffee oil that lubricates. I generally only backflush with water and do it often.
Re preinfusion while on reservoir, the other poster is correct. Just putting the lever into the middle position will not preinfuse. However, you can raise the lever all the way briefly (a few seconds) which will allow the group to accept water from the pump, then switch to the middle position to soak. I do this all the time with my Synchronika; I find it allows the puck to bloom, creating a better edge seal and more amorphous structure. This greatly reduces channeling. After the desired time re-raise the lever to brew. If you wait long enough, eventually a few drops of coffee will begin to seep out of the PF. This is usually when I raise the lever.

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By slipping do you mean the lever doesn't hold its place and is very easy and "soft" to engage and disengage it?

Mine was a bit loose so i tightened it a bit and its been good so far.
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