ECM Synchronica barbed T connector replacement

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My t connector for the expansion and boiler overflow disintegrated, declaring itself with a leak. I think that a standard barbed 1/4" brass t connector should fit, but is there any reason to not use a brass fitting? Water is being discharged, not drunk, so that should not be a problem. Won't brass last a lot longer than plastic or poor quality stainless steel?

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Lelit swapped their plastic ones for brass.


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Brass will be just fine! You won't have a failure again.
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I replaced mine with this stainless steel connector. Fits perfectly. ... B089SDGZ8K

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Thanks, all. I appreciate those who took the time to help.

Does anyone have a photo of the routing of the tubing? Since one of the tubes was loose because of it had disintegrated, I am not quite sure.

Also, I assume that the tubing is heat tolerant (some silicone can tolerate degrees almost up to 500 degrees). Am I correct that the tubing can touch the copper pipes?

Thanks. I love the machine, and I live very far from an ECM dealer, so I am hoping to learn a lot about maintenance/repair.

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It's perfectly fine for that silicone to touch the pipes and boiler. Route it anyhow that works, it's just got to get the water droplets to run generally downhill to the drain.


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Check out this video from WLL at about the 9:00 minute mark where he starts going over the OPV... You should get a pretty clear view of the factory routing there... (Although if I recall, I tucked the line from the OPV under the brass line going from the top of the brew boiler to the E61 head so the discharge from the OPV is not flowing uphill...)

I replaced my tee with this brass one: ... UTF8&psc=1 (the 5/16" one).

Pretty easy swap-out... Good Luck!