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#1: Post by Eiern »

New ECM machine.

All about the espresso, no steam wand. Tiny and cute with vintage styling and wood. looks like external glass water tank.

Looks like continous pressure profiling with that blue labled knob?

I want! Guests need to learn to live without milk now :mrgreen:



#2: Post by kenyabob »

Looks very interesting. Where did you find it?


#3: Post by Eiern »

Facebook and Instagram only at the moment.


#4: Post by maki »

LMWDP #630


#5: Post by Eiern »

Forgot to add that it has a PID


#6: Post by maki »

some kind of profiling?
LMWDP #630


#7: Post by Eiern »

In white and woodImage

It's also in black wrap or all chrome, with black regular plastic instead of wood. On instagram the outside reservoir look bigger, as tall as the machine maybe.


#8: Post by GregoryJ »

That's cool, I like the water tank off to the side


#9: Post by Eiern »


From the other side/angle, shows the depth of it a bit better. Water container looks a bit taller here compared to the first press photos, but if they make espresso on the show floor it might be bigger to last longer. Or it might be the actual size.

Some short videos of the three machines in ECMs Insta story.

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#10: Post by Bluenoser »

Looks really nice.. but in anything with an E61, the thermal state of the group influences the brew water temp significantly. I would not buy any E61 again without some easier way of monitoring the temperature near the screen. It would not be rocket science for the manufacturers to add a sensor and use the existing PID display and controller to give real time feedback of the water temp as the shot pulls. I view this an imperative for any HX design.

But, even with a single boiler PID, there is an offset programmed into the PID display which is just the best guess at what the brew water will be. Warm up, time between shots, the value of the offset, all affect the final output. If you want to be precise with your brew water, I'd want good data to be available ... if I were to seriously consider this as an upgrade. (and, since it has pressure profiling, a gauge that reflects pressure close to the puck, which current Profited/ECM HX machines don't provide)