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Need help with equipment usage or want to share your latest discovery?
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howard seth

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Ursego wrote:Fully open the faucet and start brewing.
When 5 seconds are on the timer, completely shut off the flow.
When 35 seconds are on the timer, fully open the faucet.
Gradually decrease the flow until the valve is almost completely closed.

Note that the decline profile increases the brewing time. The normal time (with no long pre-infusion or blooming) is 25-30 sec, but with declining - 35-40 sec.
I'll try both your methods - as well as other experiments - such as making Rvalis water (potassium bicarbonate added to RO water to use in that external water tank) .
Thanks for the info.


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Ursego wrote:If you already have a machine with E61 and want to install FCD on it, it makes sense to buy the whole device there. But that's not what happened to me. I had the FCD installed at the store when I bought the machine. It wasn't until later that I came across a big paddle on the Internet.
Thanks for the clarification!

Do you find the paddle practical and easy to use?

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Ursego (original poster)

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Omerr wrote:Do you find the paddle practical and easy to use?
Yes. You can read my thread in a Russian-language forum. The automatic translation is terrible, but you will understand what I wrote (less or more :lol: ).


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Thank you! It's a wonderful post!


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Registered for HB just for this thread :)

Contemplating the purchase of a Puristika and am happy to learn and follow along.

Threepguy Brushwood

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Sure, I Just finished the whole setup, if you tell me how I can paste a pic here I will!

Very happy with it so far.

What do you have in your water reservoir? carbon filter? which one?

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Ursego (original poster)

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Threepguy Brushwood wrote:What do you have in your water reservoir?
Water softener. You can find it in coffee stores.


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My Puristika couldn't hit more than about 6 bars of pressure recently, it could hit 13 bars when new.

Made me think about the OPV as it had felt a little weird adjusting it last time.

I was right: the rubber seal/gasket in the OPV has twisted itself into the spring:

It's a cheap part:

And the spring not much more:

But I will tell the store I bought it from and hope ECM will send a new part.


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I just upgraded to the cream Puristika. The wood components around the external reservoir appear to be completely untreated. I was thinking of applying a sealant to protect the wood. Has anyone applied any coatings to the wood? What do you suggest?


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I am a proud owner of a new Puristika equipped with the coffee sensor flow control kit !

I haven't installed the lower "harder" spring since manual says it's optional, as well as many users in another thread. Should I do it ?

I mostly brew light roasts and haven't started to play with flow control yet. I noticed the pump has a slow ramp up, so I have to figure out how to do a longer pre-infusion and ramp down the pressure towards the end of the shot.

Thanks for your advice!