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Given that the control starts at 8.5 bar and goes up there's little point to it's existence.

There is much to discuss when it comes to peak pressures and flow rates but all of that discussion needs to take place between 0-9 bar. There really isn't any upside above that and there is certainly significant evidence of negative effects starting ~10 bar.

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Ursego (original poster)

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Lending a Puristika for a couple of days from a fellow geek. It's more noisy than the Bianca I had for two years, no surprise, but I think it should be able to pull similar shots. With my 98mm burrs and turbo style shots I have actually only used the paddle on my Bianca to calibrate flowrate from the group. If I got the Flowrate kit I might not change the spring or install the valve but try it only with the gauge to easier see how a shot progress, I'm used to that with my Lelit. I wish they had a matching blue manometer for the group.

With this small size I can easily move the machine to the shelf below it or something and use something different like a Flair 58 or Odyssey Argos or upcoming Londinium Vectis. The Bianca was a good machine but very heavy to move around. If I get one for myself I might want to try to get a little longer tubes and have the water tank on the shelf right below the machine.

With the water tank next to the machine instead of behind it takes up the same width as the Bianca, but the setup looks smaller in the room, the machine is less monumental in its appearance.

I have a white EK43S and the obvious color choice would be white, but I have walnut details on my grinders so the olive wood wouldn't match well.

However white would not be a good match if the whites are not similar enough. The EK is a little creamy but I don't think it's as cream white as the Puristika.

There's not any owners of white EK and white Puristika that can provide info?

PS: I know I could only get a standalone manometer for E61 group, or the smart espresso profiler but I think that one would ruin the aesthetics too much. I kind of like the raw manometer from smart espresso profiler that I saw Lance Hedrick had on his Flair 58 in a video

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So - overall - how is the Puristika working out for you? I'm without an espresso machine since last month - and have been considering the ECM Puristika - due to limited space, and also, I rarely drink milk coffees. Not sure if I will, or not make espressos with lighter roast coffees - I home roast with a Behmor - medium to darker roasts, usually.
The flow control add-on interests me too.
(I did buy a Flair 58 lever machine a few weeks ago - but found it difficult to dial in - and the strength needed to pull down that lever too much - (I injured my shoulder this year) I sent the Flair back for a refund - which, they graciously honored without a hassle.


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Found a video with a Ek43S and Cream colored Puristika next to each other and it's not a match, Puristica too warm. I think I'd rather have the black then. I also prefer the rougher finish on the black to the more glossy smooth one on the white.

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howard seth wrote:So - overall - how is the Puristika working out for you?
My shots are now better than in the previous machine (Bezzera Duo DE), but this, I think, is a credit to the flow control. In my previous machine, the accuracy of grind size was very important, but now it's almost impossible to ruin a shot because of wrong grind size thanks to FCD (too coarse grind - I aggressively apply the "spring lever profile", too fine grind - I urgently apply the "blooming profile"). As for the machine itself, it is an ordinary made-in-Italy-from-German-details Е61 machine from one of the most respected manufacturers, nothing special in its class (well, except that the OPV knob is conveniently located).

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Interesting Ursego. I see two vendors are selling the Puristika in the USA, Whole Latte Love and Clive Coffee - Clive's version cost is a bit more and they add a LUCCA Flow Control gauge, and paddle - in contrast to the ECM flow control device from Whole Lotte Love, which, I believe, is currently a free add-on. I have never ordered anything yet from either vendor.
Did you buy from either of these two dealers? Or somewhere else? (Or am I not supposed to ask such questions on this site?)

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I think that a member that has a history posting a positive experience is fine, given they are a satisfied customer that did not/does not/will not have a financial or similar advantage.

For more details, see: Vendor participation in the forums. What about their friends, insiders, promoters, and influencers?

(Negative experiences may well veer into touching the guidelines regarding public complaints about customer service.)
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I liked Dan Kehn's opening sentences for his Puristika review: "Classic. Forgiving. Attractive. Ubiquitous.". It tidily sums up my experience with the machine. Purchased from Whole Latte Love in April (From the later production run that had resolved the issue of the group head thermo siphon.) with ECM flow control kit. I live in New Jersey so proximity to an authorized dealership in the event of repair or service was a priority.

Other attributes: small footprint fits our kitchen perfectly, easy to monitor and fill reservoir, contemporary appearance (anthracite housing offsets all the chrome) and ECM's reputation for dependability.

In particular, I have to mention PIXILlate/Chris's posting, An Even MORE Considered Approach to E61 Flow Control (now with video). To me, it was a true "Dummies Guide to Flow Control" (My apologies, Chris. No offense intended. I'm the aforementioned Dummy.). It turned what was a becoming a hood ornament on the Puristika into a device that's used every day and made a tremendous difference in the way I make and taste espresso.

The experience has been more than any single component (we bought a Niche Zero, too, and added WDT, RDT and a puck screen). After many years of owning a Silvia and Rocky, the Puristika and the Niche, along with a wholly new work flow, opened a lot of new doors. What's been just as good as the new machinery (I love shiny new objects) has been the Home-Barista community and the running commentaries relatively free of social media, polemics of the political nature and corrosive "snarkism". The active moderation and participation of Dan and Team HB members has been defining influences, too.

Finally, dipping into "snarkism" for a second: I truly appreciate the relative absence on Home-Barista of the phrases, "End game grinder/machine/whatever. . ." and "Pulled the trigger. . ." and "Here's an image of my humble set up. . .".

Anyway, thank you Home-Barista.
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Uploaded a short video of me pulling a turbo shot with this and P100 with Low Uniformity burrs. Not a ton of videos on this machine.