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#51: Post by Shakespeare »

Finally we have a totally updated machine.. Here is the new (May) demonstration by ( whole Latte Love)
it also demonstrates the additional 'Flow control upgrade)
The review is obviously sharing the improvements that were a problem before.

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#52: Post by Jeff »

Just in case anyone still had doubts about ECM / Profitec

It will be interesting to see where else that OPV shows up

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#53: Post by Shakespeare »

HeadHop wrote:Found the user manual online and it seems that flow profiling is only from 8 to 12 bar... Hopefully they are mistaken !
But if it's true, do you think the ECM flow control paddle could be added ?
That would be the perfect machine for me with true flow control
Yes, the ECM flow control device fits perfectly on top of the E61 group. And the additional flow meter will also be included to attach to the front of the E61 group.

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#54: Post by Shakespeare »

I first viewed the ECM Puristka on a video of the Milan 2019 Coffee Festival..
EMS... CEO Michael Hauck was was showing the various models on 'EXPRESSOTV'.
At that time there was a Puristka -White, Anthracite and a polished stainless version.
I was hoping that they would offer this is the polished Stainless. Obviously there is no response when I inquired.
It looked really sharp.

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#55: Post by Shakespeare »

Well, ECM has decided to put another Puristika model with a different color ( Cream) and with all wood accents including wood top and bottom extras for the water reservoir. If you decide to purchase a flow control, the knob will match all the other wood accents.. Included, I believe is a matching wooden tamper and a cleaning brush.
It's called the P'URISTIKA CREAM'
It will be available in the US maybe in early July, possibly earlier. ... tika-cream

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