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JRising wrote:I doubt any machine has a SSR for a vibe pump. I certainly don't see one in the photos.
Good call. I watched it again and it was the power plug/switch in back that I thought was a SSR.


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Haven't had time to meet up with the Puristika owner I know yet, but the owner installed the flow kit, and this is how that looks:

Owner is very satisfied with the machine.


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I am confused as to why it's better to have an external water tank unless you plan to remote it in a cabinet or plumb in? I have a Carola (internally mounted tank), and it just seems like a much neater design.


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My cupboards hang over every surfice. Being able to slide out the tank horizontally would be nice.


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Group head is not heating up? Hope they figure out the issues.


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Looks like it is in the usa. Still, I wonder about the report of the head not heating up unless the pump is running. ... so-machine

Does anyone own a USA puristika and can test the warm up of the group head?

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I've had an evaluation model since December in preparation for a review and have seen the "cold start" problem. Running the pump on first startup for a few seconds avoids it, but ECM has also put together a hardware solution. According to ECM, it only affects units manufactured prior to February 2022. I've asked them to send me the hardware fix and I'll confirm it works as promised.

If you are thinking about ordering one, I'd ask about its manufacture date; if it's prior to February 2022, ask the seller to install/test the hardware solution. Based on the instructions ECM sent to me, it's a 5 minute job.
Dan Kehn


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Hey Dan,

Is the grouphead warm and a flush brings it up to temp or stone cold?

On occasion I've experienced it with my Classika - wondering if the root cause is similar.

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It's warm. The other symptom is the brew water doesn't start immediately when lifting the lever - that's what I noticed. It's caused by an air pocket at the top of the brew boiler preventing the thermosyphon from starting. The fix is basically a "dipper" extension for the brew boiler tube exiting towards the grouphead.
Dan Kehn

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According to AJ @ WLL (see YouTube Puristika WLL product review, Comments posted March 28), WLL has communicated directly with ECM about the thermosyphon issue and remedy (which is exactly as Dan has described). ECM has said that machines manufactured and delivered to the US after February 2022 will have a 5cm teflon tube installed between the boiler and group head during manufacture. The remedy is relatively simple and easy to perform although ECM doesn't state specifically that this can be performed by someone other than a technician at a service/repair center.

According to AJ, Puristikas shipped to customers in April 2022 from WLL will receive machines with the corrected thermosyphon.
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