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jtbenson wrote:see post 2, pic 2
seems flow control is included
No it's not, that was part of a collage....I had a flow control to try with it. They might decide to include one with the machine, they might not...I don't know. I have edited the image to avoid confusion.

The other person with the cat, that's not the production tank..which will be different and may have a better support system. Plus the tubes won't be pocking up like that.


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Regarding flow control, with some burrs I have used the flow control a little with my Bianca to help with the extraction. But with three SSP 98mm burrs (HU Brew and ULF) I actually get the best results with just open flow and 6,5 bars max into a blind filter. If I had a need for another machine on a second permanent location, or if I was getting my first machine, I'd probably get this one. I think it's stylish, cute, has the essentials and nothing more.

A Lagom P64 with Multi Purpose burrs and this one would make for a compact and great setup. Even the Lagom Mini can grind for espresso with very decent results according to one owner on EAF Discord.

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I am all in for the pump machine with espresso mode only! For the first machine this would be a dream machine for me, but I am waiting to see Slayer manufacturing something like this, espresso only but in Slayer mode...I'd be willing to jump once more in to deep water!