ECM Michelangelo Sorrento Direct Plumbing Procedure

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#1: Post by JPaloha »

We recently purchased a nice pre-owned ECM Michelangelo Sorrento 2 group espresso machine. I'm not familiar with direct plumbing the unit. Can somebody point me to the right direction as to what do I connect to the one with the arrow (Please see the pic I attached??
How do I connect the braided water line? I really want to save money and not have tech do it. Thank you so much for your help.



#2: Post by nahau »

Is this a photo of your actual machine?

Don't know what hardware you'd need but ChrisCoffee carries all kinds of plumbing fittings so you might want to contact them. They'll help you even if you didn't buy the machine from them. Just call tech support.


#3: Post by JPaloha »

Yes, it is. Thanks!


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The reason I asked is because this same photo was shown in a thread on Coffee Geeks in 2015. However, the machine in that thread was a single group machine while you're saying yours is a dual group? The photo I posted tells me it's the same machine so kind of confused about the facts.

Coffe Geeks link... states it either a drain, or a water inlet.

Google image search... ... egUIARCeAQ

Downloaded image...



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That is pretty weird that the same person in the same striped shirt came with the machine to be in the reflection in the "New" photo...
And Mr. 458 lied, the sight-glass is still broken.

On a more serious note. If any of the original post was/is true, you're not going to "save money" by plumbing that parts machine in and turning on the water. With so many parts missing, there's nothing to keep the water in, it'll just flow out everywhere, water is a liquid at room temp.