ECM Flow Profile Valve - General E61 Compatibility?

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Anyone know if this ECM Flow Profile Valve upgrade kit ... e-e61.html compatible for all E61 group head machines? See one FS here on the forums and looking to upgrade my Expobar Office Lever. I've seen notes that it is not "guaranteed" to work with non ECM/Profitec machines but I understand the E61 to be pretty standard.



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While most e61 groups are the same, they are not all the same. Sorry, but I don't have a list of any differences. Perhaps you could buy it on the condition that if it does not fit, you could return it.


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I know that Clive has a "Lucca E61 Flow control" for sale, and it lists, specifically some of the machines it will work with. ... ccessories

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Thanks SandraF, helpful. I saw this as well and actually went ahead an ordered this version, just before seeing a Lucca FS in the Buy/Sell Forum :evil:

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The VBM E61 is proprietary; but as far as I know the Expobar uses the same standard group as Profitechs, Rockets, Lelits, and most other manufacturers. To be sure, Whole Latte Love distributes the Expobar in the US; so I'd order whatever flow control kit they sell as compatible.
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Thanks, A-Jim. I ended up going with the Lucca option which Clive claims: "This add-on is compatible with any E61 espresso machine." Last I looked WholeLatte didn't have any in stock.

I will be sure to report back here if I run into any compatibility complications.

Appreciate the responses.