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Coffello wrote:The Bakelite knob unscrews counter-clockwise off it's lever, no problem. This exposes a slot at the end of the lever which receives an allen key: I unscrewed the lever counter-clockwise using the relevant Allen key until I could remove it...quite stiff initially but it came off successfully.
However, the lever unscrewed off a small horizontal spike which prevents the sleeve from lifting off the valve. Even if the sleeve could be lifted off, I can't see how the valve could be turned beyond its current off position as it will not turn a mm further :cry: I am stuck with 4ml/s as my minimum flow rate...not disastrous but annoying and it takes away some of the functionality.
Hmmm... I don't understand. What brand of FCD did you install (ECM/Profitec, Coffee Sensor...other)? Perhaps if you could take a few photos of the issue, I could give you some advice. I'm only familiar with the ECM and the Coffee Sensor ones, which are made as I described in previous posts. So, we may need the help of someone with your particular brand of FCD. For the FCD to work optimally, you certainly want to be able to go below 4 ml/s, or even to complete shut off.

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Hey Maurice and fellow enthusiasts

Strangely, before making coffee for guests at lunchtime today, I noticed that the flow was considerably reduced when I purged some water through the shower screen prior to getting started. Then I realised that the flow control knob had mysteriously been turned a quarter of a revolution further clockwise (off) than I had so far managed.

My wife admitted that she had turned the valve to its new position when making me a morning coffee!

A quick calibration gave a flow rate of 2ml/s in the "off" position. The valve is rotating freely, delivering 4ml/s at 1/4 turn and higher rates as it is turned further counter clockwise.

I'm quite happy with this and pulled some great shots using extended pre-infusion at 2ml/s. (Does anyone use lower flow rates?)

My valve/gauge are from a bona fide ECM kit: the modification was installed by my retailer prior to delivery. I've no idea what tinkering yesterday led to the now improved situation but I will stick with it. The only further change I may undertake would be to re-install the stock spring. However, I think that I will leave things well alone for now, enjoy my coffee, and improve my knowledge and skills.

Thank you very much for taking an interest in my situation and offering your help.
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There's some belief that getting things started with a slightly higher flow rate to quickly and evenly wet the puck has advantages. You might try a couple seconds at a faster setting before dropping down to a 2 mL/s (unrestricted flow) setting. My very rough estimate for the light roasts I pull is around 20 mL of water to saturate 17 g.