ECM Classika users have any tips?

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I just got my new ECM Classika. Excited. Dialing it in now. I know my mileage and taste my vary, but just to get me started: any Classika users out there want to share their espresso weight / brew time / final coffee weight ratios with me, or any other tips?

I'm starting with a typical 1:2 ratio of grind weight to coffee. With the double shot basket that comes with it, that's working out to be around 17g grinds and 34 grams finished espresso. What ratios are you using? (I just five minutes ago got the ECM bottomless filter, and that looks like it's got a bigger basked so I could potentially go higher on the weight if I want.)

The timing is another question I have: the manual recommends pulling a single shot between 22-24 seconds... but how does that timing relate to double shots? So far I've been sticking with that 22-24 second timing, just because it seems about right to me... and as I recall timing is the least crucial factor here... but just curious what other users are doing.

I know a lot of this isn't necessarily particular to a Classika, so I'm open to inputs from anyone. But thought I'd specifically shout out to Classika users to see where people are at.


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when i had my classika for yr or so. i got it pretty much dialed in with my ims and vst baskets. i normally drink medium to light roast. so i normally pull a 1:2.5 ratio and sometimes a little less. i've done 18-20g and found 20g to be more consistent for me.but it really depends on the beans you use.