E61 not getting hot, until I run the water?

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Hi all need a but of help... I replaced all the o-rings (was leaking, totally flat) in the mushroom w/ flow control. The leak is gone but now the E61 will not get hot even after 2 hours. It only gets warm but once I run water through it, it heats up to full temp.

Before I changed the o-rings it would get up to temp without running it.

Is there something I did wrong? Seems like the water is not flowing through the E61 to heat it up now, until after I run it once?

Thx for the help!

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Sounds like a thermosyphon stall due a leak.
Dan Kehn

Livin (original poster)

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Wish I knew where it was leaking from... I dont see a leak

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Put in a blind basket and don't lock it in. If there is moisture in there after the machine cools down, it is probably leaking at least through the brew chamber. Replacing the valves (or at least their rubber seats) can clear that up. The valve assemblies are not very expensive as generic parts, though check the length before ordering. There are a couple of different lengths.

The two, typically PTFE, mushroom-cap seals are another place that there can be a leak.

In either case, it doesn't take much of a leak to allow air to seep in as the HX or boiler loop comes down from 9-ish bars and cools.