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Nunas wrote:Chris, what lube are you using? I noticed the same phenomenon when using the sintered metal puck screens (same material as the Matrix), but I get way more than five days when I lube the cam on my Synchronika; currently I'm up to two weeks since I last lubed and no sign of lack of lube. I use Danco plumber's grease, which is very thick and non-toxic (not all plumbers grease is non-toxic). I was using Haynes Lubri-Film, which is much thinner; I found it washed away after a week or so.
I stopped using the Matrix screen because of this and never have to take the handle apart. When I do, I use Haynes Lubri-Film that I got from iDrinkcoffee years ago. I have a B-Plus screen but never use it due to no upside in flavour and it being a giant PITA for workflow/handling. I use the IMS nanocoat screen. Seems good to me. Puck prep is king. Once you get over that very large hurdle I think a lot of these add-on's are unnecessary.


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chipman wrote:Why Olive oil? Wouldn't a more neutral flavored oil be a better choice? Besides, Uncle Roger says that olive oil is only good for salads.
Because I have it within 1 foot. There is zero taste of olive oil. You use about 3 drops.. do 3 flushes.. and you're grand.. Been doing it for 3 years..