E61 Does NOT Depressurize When Using Blind Filter!

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Postby BigBlaze » Nov 18, 2013, 10:29 pm

Rocket R58.

Once every 2 weeks, I use a blind filter with powder to clean.

Since a few weeks, pressure release valve is not working well. Each time I use the blind filter and lower the level, I have over 5 to 8 bar of pressure in the gauge and removing the portafilter is hard, there is pressure.

The only way to remove this pressure, is to turn of the machine, lift the lever and lower the level. Doing this release the pressure completely!

Is there a easy way to fix this?

Does it need disassembly and lube? If YES, is it part of regular maintenance?

Is it easy to lube the lever, is there any risk?

If I have to lube, can you please provide a link on "How to..."

Where do I buy the lube or grease?

About the R58 is there a manual shop somewhere?

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Randy G.
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Postby Randy G. » Nov 18, 2013, 11:46 pm

For more detail on the E-61 group, see these two articles on my website:

This one covers the removal and lubrication of the lever/cam assembly, and includes a video of the process.
How-To 18 - Simple Lubrication of the E-61 Group

This one you likely need. It covers complete disassembly of the group, step by step.
How-To 19 - Overhauling and Lubricating the E-61 Group
It sounds like the lower portion of the group needs an inspection and cleaning.
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Postby bruno99 » Nov 19, 2013, 8:26 am

i just disassembled and lubed the e-61 with Petrol-Gel Sanitary Lubricant which can be found online. The lever was getting pretty stiff and felt like it was grinding when i moved it. I didnt change any seals. Works great now.

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Postby Augsburg57 » Mar 30, 2014, 1:12 pm

I had a similar problem on my Rocket R58. There was no whoosh of water exhausting after a shot or after a blind flush. My pucks were wet too. I noticed the problem after being away from home for about 10 days, when the Rocket set idle. Normally I pull two triple shots per day and about 20 total shots pulled per week. I backflush about every two weeks. The problem occurred after about 18 months of use and about 1,300 shots pulled (based on the counter on the grinder).

I found this thread 3 way valve not preventing sneeze on E61 with a diagram of the exhaust valve. I took it apart and found it a little dirty and stained inside, but not gummed up. Even so, I wiped all the parts off, including wiping inside the barrel. I used a pencil wrapped with paper towel to wipe deep inside.

After the disassembly and cleaning, the exhaust whoosh is back in full force. It's a 10 minute job to dissemble, clean and reassemble. I now know how to solve the issue.

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