Dual boiler help - Izzo Alex Duetto bubbling noise

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#1: Post by Dannilalani »

Hi everyone I have an Izzo Alex Duetto which has suddenly started making this weird noise it sounds as though something is bubbling.

It is plumbed in and I am quite consistent with backflushing.

There is also extra water coming out of the solenoid valve at the bottom and water coming from the back of the steel screen see the video link http://www.youtube.com/shorts/CfflYnZO_mw?feature=share

The espresso machine otherwise works fine I made coffee this morning and the steamer still fine I think it could be the vacuum valve but I'm not too sure

Team HB

#2: Post by JRising »

I don't think any solenoid valves drain at that point to the drip tray, but it certainly sounds like your breather valve/Vacuum breaker valve is leaking after boiling point. Above boiling, that valve should be fully closed. (The red arrow in the picture) You can confirm that that valve's the problem if that hose is terribly hot when the machine's been on for a half hour.
It is easy to remove/inspect and clean. If it leaks after cleaning, replace the o-ring or the whole valve.