Does Flojet require an accumulator tank?

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I just ordered QuickMill Vetrano and I am going to use it with Flojet. Is an accumulator tank needed when using Flojet? I am a bit confused after reading Installing Shurflo Accumulator? and Flojet and rotary pump questions.


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timoh wrote:Is an accumulator tank needed when using Flojet?
Without an accumulator, the Flojet will cycle on ("brr-r-r--r-r-rt") within a few seconds after the espresso machine's pump engages and flutter on for an instant every few seconds during the extraction ("br-r-rt"... "br-r-rt"... "br-r-rt"). The Flojet has no trouble keeping up with the tiny water debit your machine requires, but it will run less frequently and the inlet pressure will be more even with an accumulator. So while technically a Flojet doesn't need an accumulator in this application, in practice I find it a worthwhile investment. An espresso machine that uses a Flojet fed from a water bottle without an accumulator will cycle on/off through most of the extraction.
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Thanks Dan.