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chanty 77

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I recently purchased a Lelit Victoria and noticed while steaming milk, the machine pump kicked in (which is normal) which adds water to the boiler. What was perplexing is that despite only steaming milk for what I thought was less than 30 seconds, I noticed the PID reverted back to brew temp. 200°. I had not shut off the steam as I was only steaming for a very short time. I know the machine is made that it will revert back to brew temp. if left idle too long--but from the time I turned the steam switch on & release water before it turns to steam & then steam my 5 oz. of milk to a thicker froth--I would say it is 45 seconds at the most. I wouldn't consider that a long time 'idle'. I don't know if anyone has experience here with this machine. I'm hoping this is a 'fluke'. I've only had the machine for one week now. Thanks.