Do you like old espresso machines?

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After a long wait, finally received the long-awaited classic magic machine

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Wow, I like what I see in the foreground and the background of those pics!
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I'd think they're great, but not for me. Should play with them sometime to see if they can change my mind, but generally speaking enjoying the features that have been slowly added over the years and stuck.

Really like those pictures. Fantastic machines to look at!
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I do really like my old lever, except the seals on the piston. They go brittle after a few months and start to leak and I find them very difficult to replace. If I could use modern silicone gaskets on it I'd never give it up.


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They look wonderful. And they actually dovetail with how I'm making espresso now with flow control; for the majority of my shots now, I'm striving to emulate that flow/pressure/temperature profile.

So who knows what the future might hold?


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I have used many lever machines....both new technology and old. I get the very best shots (for my tastes) from a machine that is 48 years old.

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Looks like a nice trio!

I recognize the Mercurio, I was offered it a few years ago but I bought a 3rd series Mercurio instead. Roland appears to be your source based off that and the crate in the background :mrgreen: .

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