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It's worth giving it a try, but my guess would be that you will be limited in how low you can set your flow rate. I.E. a closed valve will still dribble out a fair bit of water, but I'm betting you can still use the valve to set a low PI pressure and taper off like a declining lever profile no problem. You just can't do a zero-flow bloom, which is not at all the end of the world.
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#12: Post by Marmot »

I'm really curious to what kind of solution you or another member come up with.
You seem to have an Alex Duetto? I have the same machine and installed the flow control kit from coffee sensor. It is the most valuable upgrade you can do to a normal espresso machine in my mind.
In case you are still interested in the kit you can also order it from the same supplier I did. Bluestarcoffee from Ireland has about the cheapest option. Without VAT it costs 144 euros including delivery. I think that's about 220 Aus dollar? But you probably have to add import tax in Australia.
The kit from coffee sensor works great with the Alex Duetto and I think the Duetto is also a great machine for this kit since it can keep brew temperature really well due to the hx style setup with the steam boiler.

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Thanks Marmot - good to know you have an Alex Duetto and the flow control works well. Thanks for the tip on Bluestar coffee, that is a good price for the flow control device. I'll continue to think and look at it, but if a DIY option isn't going to give me full control and I'd have to source a pressure gauge and heavy spring anyway, and spend more time installing/testing, I might just go the coffee sensor option - especially as Bluestar ends up being over $100 cheaper than buying in Australia.

I just realized you're also a fellow Ditting 804 user - great combo with the Duetto hey? Do you have Lab Sweet burrs or are you still using the original cast?


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Yes, I now have two old KF804s with original cast burrs. Both in lovely brown ;)
I wonder how the new Lab Sweet burrs compare to them but so far they deliver the best results compared to my other grinders so I guess they mist be similar to the new ones.
The cast burrs combined with flow control make it almost impossible to pull a bad shot. Both widen the sweet spot for a good extraction with various beans. If you have similar roast levels you can dial in one bean and take one shot after another from different beans whilst just adjusting flow if grind size is not perfect.